The Best Golf Lessons in South Florida

Regardless of your current playing level, private golf lessons with Bobby Impaglia will take your game to the next level and beyond. Whether you’re looking for beginner golf lessons or just a tune-up on your current swing, Bobby can customize a lesson and practice plan for you.

Perfect 5-Star Reviews on Google

craig stevenscraig stevens
15:40 02 Aug 22
I have known Bobby for over 35 years. I first met Bobby at Delaire Country Club in the mid 1980’s. Bobby has been my friend, teacher and mentor over the years. If you are interested in taking golf lessons with a real professional and all-around nice person Bobby is your guy. He will teach you the fundamentals of the golf swing for beginners and advanced players. If you want to hit the ball like the pros on the PGA tour go see Bobby. Go take the first step and take a golf lesson with Bobby to improve your game. I promise you will not regret it. It will be the best decision you made to up your golf skills.
Gary RoseGary Rose
20:25 26 Jul 22
Bobby in a word - AMAZING! I have taken many lessons in many sports. I don’t accept anything less than excellence. Bobby has provided me with the very best that I can ask for in golf. He also taught me to analyze and make corrections, of my swing, when I am out playing. They don’t get any better.
Ben LeitBen Leit
01:04 18 Dec 21
Bobby has incredible experience and knowledge of the game. After 2 lessons I’ve already made great strides as Bobby has used drills to really help me get the right feel. I highly recommend Bobby to any golfer looking to improve their swing.
Bianca KmiecBianca Kmiec
16:06 14 Dec 21
Within a span of 3-4 weeks Bobby has completely changed my golf swing. I’m a beginner golfer and within that time has helped me get the mechanics of my swing that of a professional golfer. Everything takes time, but with Bobby’s instruction there’s no doubt in my mind I’ll be hitting in the 80s in a year. I’ve already brought my score down substantially within just 1 month of training. I’m super happy with what I’m learning from Bobby!
Cover 3 ProductionsCover 3 Productions
15:30 26 Nov 21
There aren’t enough superlatives to use when referring to Bobby as both an instructor and a person. He has worked with both of my young daughters for almost 5 years now and has done an amazing job teaching them not just how to be golfers but to be players! He teaches in a way that makes it easy to understand. He even helps me out so I can keep up with my girls! If you are looking for a golf instructor, look no further. Bobby really cares about his clients and has become part of our family.

A True Golf Professional

PGA Tour Member (1978-1980) and Class A PGA Golf Professional (35+ Years)

Bobby has taught over 10,000 Students and over 200,000 Lessons and counting. He enjoys working with players of all skill levels, male and female, young and not-so-young. His policy is not to re-invent the proverbial wheel, but rather to work within the physical capabilities of each individual, teaching beginners the basic fundamentals of the swing, analyzing the swings of the more advanced player and identifying areas where improvement could be made.
On average 90% of players set up incorrectly and significant improvement is instantly realized when correction is made in this area. Remember that 80% of errant shots start with an incorrect set up. Bobby has devised a system that explains and refines the set up (Grip, Aim and Posture).

Bobby offers 3 Lesson Levels


  • Game of Golf and Clubs Used
  • Grip, Stance, Posture and Address
  • Ball Position and Alignment
  • Swing Plane, Backswing and Take Away, Downswing and Transition


Casual Player

  • Power and Balance
  • Chipping and Putting
  • Short and Long Game
  • Overcoming your Weaknesses



  • Backswing Shaft Positions
  • Downswing Shaft Positions
  • Technique
  • Management


Featured Testimonials

Luke Gifford’s Journey with Bobby Impaglia


I started working with Bobby Impaglia in the fall of 2013 and to this day it has been undoubtedly the best golfing decision I have ever made. When I came to Bobby, I had an inconsistent game that was not reliable in tournament conditions and I did not know my swing well at all. Within weeks of working with Bobby, this was no longer the case. Bobby was not afraid to tell me how it was and what changes I needed to make in my swing if I wanted to accomplish my golfing goals.


When I started working with Bobby I was a decent junior golfer who was normally near the mid 70’s in scoring average but was never really able to break through. Bobby identified what flaws in my swing prevented me from shooting lower scores and subsequently not allowing me to break away from the pack and start to win some bigger events. Bobby called this mission, “Vision 65” and after just 6 months of working with bobby I had shot my 65! My game had completely changed, and I was on a fast track to fulfilling my goals. Bobby is an amazing golf coach, but more importantly, he is an incredible person.


He is always thinking ahead about ways to make you better and to this day he has called me before every tournament round of mine to check in, reestablish our game plan, and build up my confidence. Bobby Impaglia is an amazing golf coach and even greater person. He took me from a junior golfer who was struggling to break 80 and break through and changed me into one of the top 100 Juniors in the world upon graduating High School.


Today, thanks to Bobby, I have successfully completed my goal of playing collegiate golf at the University of South Florida which is one of the top 25 golf teams in the country. After college, I plan on making the jump of amateur golf into professional golf and if I am lucky enough to make it out on tour one day, a very large chunk of my success will all be thanks to Bobby Impaglia!




Notable Achievements since working with Bobby Impaglia:


  • 3-time SFPGA Jr. Tour Champion
  • 4-time FJT Tour Champion
  • AJGA Open Champion at The Dye Preserve
  • 2-time Jr. Honda Classis Champion
  • 2017 Dixie Amateur Champion
  • 2018 Highschool Golfer of the Year in South Florida
  • Top 5 finish at the 2014 Teen World Junior Championship at Pinehurst
  • Top 10 Junior Golfer in Florida
  • Top 30 Junior Golfer in the World for the Class of 2018
  • Top 100 Junior Golfer in the World
  • Top 750 Amateur Golfer in the World
  • Played every event as a Freshman on The University of South Florida Men’s Golf team.
  • (Top 25 in the Country) (Top 5’s: 1) (Top 10’s: 2) (Top 25’s: 6)
  • Low score: 59 (-11)

Coach Forrest “Buddy” Doud’s Testimonial for Bobby Impaglia


Whoever said that the son of the first Pittsburgh Steeler coach couldn’t play golf?


When I told my father, Jap Douds, that I wanted to play in the band, he said “Keep on Marching” That was the end of my musical career and the beginning of my coaching career. As a lifetime member of the American Football Association I have been pursuing excellence in coaching, counseling and teaching my entire life. Having studied the best coaches, like Bear Bryant, Bill Walsh, Nick Saban, Tony Dungy, Pete Carroll and Bobby Bowden, I learned a high respect for outstanding teaching.


Later in life, in a rain storm on Boca Municipal Golf Course, the golf pro, Bobby Impaglia, pulled up in his cart to “help me out”( and off the course, please.) And so began our friendship and my golf game.


Bobby Impaglia is one of the top three teachers I have ever known. In short order he will assess where you are and design a protocol specific to your needs. His analytic mind will see things others do not and his experienced intuition will provide the path.


As an excellent communicator, he will find the words, actions, and emotions to inspire. A lesson with Bobby is a must for those who aspire to greater heights.


You will enjoy the ride.

Now located at
Deer Creek Golf Club